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Taste Buddies – Authentic Food Tours

We offer guided food tours of Mauritius to discover the island’s rich history, diverse culture and authentic places – all through local Mauritian food and drinks.

A truly Mauritian holiday is beyond the beach and into the heart of the island. Culture is the heart, and local food the beat that gives it life. 

Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures, and the local food reflects this ethnic diversity. Indian curries, Creole “rougailles”, Muslim biryanis, Chinese “boulettes” and French baguettes are proof of the culinary dynamics present on the island.

Our Food Tours

1. The Port Louis Street Food Tour


 For our first tour, we decided to showcase the island’s capital city with the Port Louis Street Food Tour. This is fitting, considering that in 2017, CNN and The Telegraph ranked Port Louis as one of the greatest cities for street food in the world .

During the Port Louis Street Food Tour, you will taste a variety of delicious Mauritian street food, see the iconic Port Louis sites and learn about the fascinating history and diverse culture of Mauritius. You will be sure to fall under the spell of that Mauritian charm.

Taste Buddies is the gateway to experience the region, its culture and its lifestyle through your taste buds.

Taste your way through Mauritius…

Meet your Buddies – Celine & Nic

Meet your Buddies

Led by curiosity and thirst for discovery, Celine and Nic have both had the privilege to travel and meet people from across the world.

Enriching travel experiences and passion for food inspired Celine and Nic to join forces and find a way to highlight the beauty and authenticity of their beloved Mauritius.

In 2017, they embarked on the exciting journey to launch the first food tour company in Mauritius – Taste Buddies.

Join us on this immersive adventure like no other. So put on your walking shoes, follow your guide and let your taste buds do the work!